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Re: RFC: A method to use Admin tools, like linuxconf

It doesn't have to usurp the users role of init if you choose to not have 
it.  You can't use all of its features then, but it is still very 
usuable.  It also uses the conventional files found on a linux system for 
storing the data, such as /etc/networks, sendmail.cf, the files neccesary 
for DNS, and such.  All this can be done without linuxconf taking over 
init's role.  Then again Linuxconf's dropins do have a few advantages 
over our plain scripts (as they exist now that is, at least), such as a 
bad program shouldn't hang the system.  Linuxconf's says it monitors the 
loading of these programs and "should" allow you to continue if a program 
hangs.  This happened to me once, when my debian system died.  The system 
came up fine, fsck'd and fixed the disked as well as it could, but it 
seemed xntp got corrupted, so when the daemon loaded the system just 
hung.  I had to boot into single user mode to fix it, sometimes this 
might not be a good option.


On Wed, 19 Feb 1997, Bruce Perens wrote:

> I don't think the design of Linuxconf is acceptable for Debian. We should
> be considering only alternatives that allow the system manager to manage
> the system with a text editor by editing configuration files as they
> exist on conventional Unix systems. We can assist the user by editing those
> files with automatic tools, however we should not replace them.
> We should not be considering a program that usurps the role of init.
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> 	Bruce
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