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Re: RFC: A method to use Admin tools, like linuxconf

Bruce Perens said:
> I don't think the design of Linuxconf is acceptable for Debian. We should
> be considering only alternatives that allow the system manager to manage
> the system with a text editor by editing configuration files as they
> exist on conventional Unix systems. We can assist the user by editing those
> files with automatic tools, however we should not replace them.
> We should not be considering a program that usurps the role of init.

Altough it's clear that being able of administering the system by only editing 
text files may be a good thing (specially for expert sysadmins or seasoned 
UNIX users) I don't understand why we should *force* everybody into doing so.  
I think linuxconf may be an excellent alternative for novice (or lazy) 
sysadmins, so, IMO, it shouldn't be denied an oportunity with Debian.


M. S.
Martin A. Soto J.                           Profesor
Departamento de Ingenieria de Sistemas y Computacion
Universidad de los Andes      masoto@uniandes.edu.co

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