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Re: deb-make


	Hmmm.  How about debmake (or its successor) create a directory
 debian/make-snippets, and a template debian/rules file which contains
 statements like 
build: check root
include make-snippets/make-tmp
include make-snippets/man-pages

	etc. This way, people may choose to include or not include
 snippets as they wish. Or, even better:

MANPATHINC=$(shell if test -f $(PWD)/debian/make-snippet/man-pages; \
                   then \
                        echo $(PWD)/debian/make-snippet/man-pages; \
                   else \
                        echo $(PWD)/debian/make-snippet/man-pages.dist; \
	So, debmake produces make-snippet/man-pages.dist. I can copy
 it to make-snippet/man-pages, and edit, only my stuff gets used. I
 can use the -n option to see what is going on.

	The snippets can also include conditional verbose statements
ifneq ($(strip $(VERBOSE)),)
	@echo cp ./kernel/man/kman.1 ./debian/tmp/usr/man/man1/kman.1
	cp ./kernel/man/kman.1 ./debian/tmp/usr/man/man1/kman.1

	I think this shows promise, don't you? (combination of
 include, ifneq DEBUG, and run time choice of default snippets or user
 modified snippets.

	Re-run the equivalent of debstd to update the dist snippets,
 use diff to see exactly where your rules differ from debstd's (if you
 have changed them, that is), and use ./debian/rules -np to test what
 goes on.


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