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Re: New "af" package ready for upload

> 	If it is maintained, and under the GPL, I think it goes in
>  unstable, *after* it has been proposed and accepted on
>  debian-devel. What mail reader are you talking about? how does it
>  differ (if at all) from the mail readers we already have? 

In about the same way as Mutt differs from Pine, or Elm from VM.  Except
more so; af has a very individual style which makes some things (like
folder handling) much more pleasant.

Here's an extract from the README file; if anyone wants more info I'll
be glad to mail it either privately, or to the list.

----------------------------- Cut Here -------------------------------
Af is an Emacs-like electronic mail user agent which is distributed
under the terms of the GNU general public license (see COPYING for
details).  It is NOT an Emacs Lisp package to run under Emacs, it is
a stand alone package which happens to have an Emacs-like interface
by default.

Af has decent facilities for handling folders: you can open multiple
folders at the same time; split the screen in two and display two
different folders in the two "windows"; kill messages from one folder
and then yank them back into another (cut-and-paste if you're not used
to Emacs terminology); and many other things that Emacs users are used
to doing with text.

Af also has facilities for handling groups of messages in one go;
which can be especially handy if you deal with large-volume mailing
lists on a daily basis.  Generally, if you need to process large
volumes of mail daily, then you may well benefit from using af.

Af is also very configurable (it can do a halfway decent impersonation
of several other mailers).  You can change what keys do, set variables
to change the way things work, and even create your own macros.  One
day you'll probably be able to write your own commands too, but that's
still a way off.

> 	Please don't just upload a new package, bring it out here on
>  debian-devel and allow people to comment on it first.

I thought that's what I just did?
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