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New package: HTML-check : An HTML validation suite


	While I was at UMASS, I had written a perl CGI script that
 set up a form allowing people to nput either a URL or a HTML snippet,
 select the DTD (html 2.0, 3.0, 3.2, or IE or Mozilla), level of
 strictness, verbosity of output etc [just like webtechs], and used
 nsgmls, perlsgml, CGI-modules, and sgml-data to produce results of
 running a validation suite on the HTML in question (complete with
 links to the definition and explanation of the tags).

	Now that the infrastructure is present in Debian, I could port
 my validation suite and package it to debian. However, it does
 involve significant work (espescially providing element description
 files for the new DTD files Susan has so diligently dug up ;-), so
 I'd like to ask people whether this is a worthwhile package to have.

	Not that you can already validate HTML on your machine if you
 have sp installed, my package will just be the CGI implementation.

	(Of course, I should really be working on the package ordering
 tool ;-(

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