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Re: default shell for nobody, once was /bin/true

Bruce Perens typed:
> From: Kevin Dalley <kevin@aimnet.com>
> > The updatedb cron.daily job runs "su -c command nobody", which works
> > fine with /bin/sh as the login shell, but fails with /bin/true.
> The reason is that "su" uses the login shell for the su-ed user from
> /etc/passwd . I had users who should never have been able to log in
> using /bin/true as a shell so that if somehow they did log in they'd
> be logged out immediately (true's only function is to exit with 0 status). 
> This broke "su", so I had to change those login shells to /bin/sh .

Can't you use "su -c command -s /bin/sh nobody" ?

  - Craig

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