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Proposal regarding Bruce's proposal.

Vincent Renardias:
> Regarding Bruce's proposal of having upstream maintainer signing their 
> packages, here's a first proposal:
> It doesn't cover completly the problem, but I think it's a necessary 
> first step.
> As usual, feel free to comment/improve/... _(;

Unfortunately, security protocol design (which is what you are doing)
is seriously non-trivial.

I'm sorry to say that your proposal has serious flaws; for example, it
makes no provision for checking the integrity of the upstream
maintainer's public key.

I strongly suggest that you leave this kind of thing to someone with
more experience of such things.  Crypto and security stuff is _very_
easy to get wrong in a way that's not obvious - after all, if you
write an ordinary bug in your code users will complain, but noone
complains about security problems until the horse has bolted.


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