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Re: crypto certification

servo@southeast.net (Daniel Stringfield)  wrote on 16.02.97 in <199702162001.PAA20186@spacewalker.dsnc.net>:

> > Of course, that's the exact reason Debian wants stuff like this from
> their
> > developers - so if you do something bad, we know wo you are.
> I can do this, for Debian, no problem.  And I don't mind giving all kinds
> of
> ID to prove who I am.  Thats not what I have a problem with.
> Its having to have 3 forms of ID when I get a coke from the corner store
> I have a problem with.

I don't follow at all.

Somehow, you made a jump from having an ID to needing to present that ID  
everywhere that I just don't understand.

MfG Kai

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