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Re: problem with distribution or packaging


	You have been bitten by the old dpkg not recognizing epoch
 problem ;-). Trus the force and upgrade, luke, and all will be well.

 who just saw the new remastered star wars.
>>"Susan" == Susan G Kleinmann <sgk@kleinmann.com> writes:

Susan> I (thought I had) obtained a fresh copy of the entire
Susan> distribution last Friday.  Today I tried to install new
Susan> packages using dselect.  As soon as I updated the Packages
Susan> file, I got an error message for 7 packages, indicating that
Susan> the file /var/lib/dpkg/available had empty version numbers for
Susan> them.  In fact, there was a bogus "1:" at the start of their
Susan> version number in the Packages file, and also in the changelog
Susan> file for the one package (tf) where I checked it.

Susan> The packages are:

unstable> binary-i386/libs/aout-svgalib_1.2.10-2.deb
unstable> binary-i386/libs/svgalib1_1.2.10-2.deb
unstable> binary-i386/devel/svgalib1-dev_1.2.10-2.deb
unstable> binary-i386/mail/mailx_8.1.1-3.deb
unstable> binary-i386/libs/zlib1_1.0.4-6.deb
unstable> binary-i386/devel/zlib1-dev_1.0.4-6.deb
unstable> binary-i386/games/tf_3.5b1-1.deb

Susan> Here are my questions: did I somehow get the wrong copy of the
Susan> archive?  is there a problem with the archiver software?  It
Susan> seems like it's a least a problem that these programs weren't
Susan> rejected by the archive software. are these individual problems
Susan> with the programs?  If so, should I just submit individual bugs
Susan> to the rest of them?  (I've already reported bugs against tf).

Susan> Susan Kleinmann

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