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Re: sound executables permissions

>  I've been wondering a little about how to set audio permissions up.
> On my own machine, I've been using sound applications by simply 
> chmod:ing /dev/audio and friend world usable. 
> Is there any policy on how we should set up sound apps?
>  Anyway, there exists a group called "audio", which owns the audio
> devices. I'm little confused by the permissions of *nix:ses, so I'm
> not sure on how to do things. All other audio apps are standard 
> executables, but I'm not quite satisfied with that:
>  Is there anything that would be lost, if we'd make sound executables
> owned by audio, and just ask mainters to put audio app users in group 
> audio? Or going even far and making sound apps audio sgid? Afterall, 
> is there anything bad a cracker could do in a audio sgid shell?

They could concievably listen to conversations in the room with the
computer, if you had a microphone hooked up. 

But the real prolem with making programs that use audio sgid audio is that
many of these programs will be games, and most games are already sgid
games so they can save their score files properly.

On my system, I just added some users, including myself, to group audio
via /etc/groups. Any user in the group can access the auidio devices, and
it's worked great so far.

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