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Re: No Copyright on a source

[I'm on Debian-devel, no need to cc:]

> > PS: I've seen unclearly copyrightsed material on CTAN too, which is really 
> >     a pity. The LaTeX3 copyright isn't the best either.
> That's this kind of response I'm looking at. It's really pity about all the
> CTAN stuff. Thanks a lot. 

Don't desperate. Not all of the stuff this that copyright-less. But a lot
of it would probably belong into non-free, I guess (just to be safe).
Has anyone else thought about this topic?

> > > ---------------------------------------------------------------
> > >  "There are people who don't like capitalism, and there are
> > >  people who don't like PCs, but there's no one who likes the 
> > >  PC who doesn't like Microsoft."
> > >   - Bill Gates, interviewed by the L.A. Times, 22 nov. 96 -
> > > ---------------------------------------------------------------
> > ?!
> In french, we call it "moquerie". It's a kind of joke against someone 
> by simply let them be ridiculous. Take it with a winks ;-)

Ah oui, je comprends.

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