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Re: Non-free section


On Mon, 13 Jan 1997, Marek Michalkiewicz wrote:

> OK, but let's not be too dogmatic about it.  The question is - how we
> define "clearly separated"?  There are alternatives to the (currently
> used) separate non-free "distribution" (which, as it has already been
> discussed, unfortunately tends to become rather "unstable").  How about
> the following proposal:
> - make non-free a new section (like base, devel, ...).  It's easy to
> implement even now, dselect will clearly show these packages as being
> in a different "non-free" (or "contrib") section, and the non-free
> stability problem is solved.

dselect already treat it as a section (what I doesn't approve, see my 
precedent post). I don't see why Pine can't be a non-free *and* a mail 

> - add new flags in the package control information.  Needs some support
> in dselect, but allows clear separation between another two orthogonal
> issues (affecting different groups of people): distribution restrictions,
> and use restrictions.  I'll try to explain it using some examples:
[list of flags example follow-up]

It's already possible doing so with the -X[BCS]+ forms. May be will can 
made it mandatory for non-free and contrib package... I like the idea too 
to clarify the GPL-lib packages copyright... It's not really free purpose 
aren't clear enough, IMHO. Saying it's free can be confusing.

> It doesn't in the case of copyrights (which are valid almost everywhere)
> but I think it does in the case of US patents and export restrictions
> (without them, many of the currently non-free packages would be free).

The *correct* way to distribute pgp and ss* package would be to put it in
non-free. The *pratical* way was to put it in non-US cause must sites are in
USA (whatever the number of lawyers in this country). May be non-US site 
will can add it to non-free or may be it can put it local. International 
for myself means all the world, not in-US *nor* not-in-US.


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