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mkdosfs on Linux-AXP

Good day pholx!

I have received a bugreport that I can't reproduce nor fix.  It's a
bug that only exist on Linux-AXP so I believe that the problem is
based on 64bit vs. 32bit.

| From: Matt Gundry <mjgundry@primenet.com>
|        I am trying to use mkdosfs on a DEC AXP to format a 1 GB Iomega Jaz
| disk. I can't seem to create a valid filesystem that is greater than 32 meg
| in size. Is this a known limitation, or am I screwing something up? Is this
| possibly related to the AXP's 64 bit architecture?

If anyone of you is familiar with porting code to 64bit architecture,
could he/she please try to verify this bug and if you are able to,
could you please take a look at the code to see a chance to fix it?



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