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Unified Package Manager

Feature requests for upm :

I would like to see to more features with upm:
 - Find a way to include length any maybe md5sums or something like
   that, so you can check that you have received the whole package, and
   it didn't get damaged during transport. One look at the package
   format didn't show me if there is something like that (if the pgp
   signature is after %end, it could be lost. if a whole block in the
   middle is missing also nobody will notice).
 - Some people will still not have upm, but want to use packages in upm
   format without installing upm. .deb packages can be extract with ar
   and tar.gz, if you know the syntax and .rpm packages might also be
   extract-able by hand. In a German Linux newsgroup was a long thread
   with many people having the problem, that they searched a program,
   but only found .deb and .rpm packages, and didn't know how to extract
   them. And they don't want to install a package manager. An easy
   format or a small script included at the beginning of the file might


About upm:

I don't think that upm can be the solution for everything. Even if upm
will be the perfect package manager, it can do nothing if the packages
are bad. 

Packages are a big problem, but it cannot be solved from only one side.
A good package manager will only solve some problems. The other side is
the way of creating packages. You have some very fine things with
debmake, so go on and combine the to be universal package manager with
something like a universal package creator. 

I don't know if redhat or one of the other distributions has something
like debmake, but one program to create packages as rpm, deb, upm, tgz
format and use a superset of the features of debmake and the programs
other distributions have, then they have a tool to create good packages
and they can still create them as rpm/deb/tgz format.

you wrote that packages could be created with an editor, but i don't
think this is the way to go. i like debmake, and an easy to use and
transparent way to create packages with a good tool will be better than
a simple way to create packages, without all that checking done by

just my 0.02 DM

regards andreas

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