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Re: xbill is free

[I've sent this to debian-bugs-dist and to Christoph. My apologies]

Marek Michalkiewicz wrote:
> Otherwise how can we trust that the copyright notices in a package
> found on some FTP site were not altered to make it look like it was
> free, when it was not?

This happened to me.
I've debianized the linux port of the Turbo Vision sources that I found
on sunsite.
The lsm on c.o.l.a. stated
>	Copying-policy: Borland copyright and GPL
and effectively in the sources thare was a file including the GPL.
But I noticed that _every_ source file had simply this:
>	*
>	* Copyright (c) 1991, 1994 by Borland International
>	* All Rights Reserved.
>	*
I asked the porter and he simply replyed that the GPL was added by him
and was referring only to his changes ...

When I told him that he hadn't even the right to do the port he replyed
that I was paranoid and that the fact that the sources was available on
Borland's ftp site states clearly that they are free.

The problem is that he is _right_. Borland has no more any interest in
those sources, so they have decided to give them away, without granting

I am very disappointed because it looked very promising for creating
ncurses c++ applications that have some "advanced gui" appearance.

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