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Re: New Virtual Package Names List (& X stuff)

On Tue, 7 Jan 1997, Warwick HARVEY wrote:

> Hi all,
> As promised, a new version of this list with the fixed-up X stuff in it (see
> below).
> Some issues arose while preparing this update.  The first one (as mentioned
> earlier on this list) is that any package wishing to refer to the X
> libraries should use "xlib6" rather than "elf-x11r6lib".  You'll notice the
> new name is shorter, more convenient, in line with library package naming
> conventions, and what dpkg-shlibdeps will probably provide anyway.  Packages
> referring to "elf-x11r6lib" should be changed next time they're updated
> (there's no reason this needs to happen in a hurry).
> The other main issue is that many packages refer to "xbase", "xbaseR6", or
> "X11R6" in their dependencies.  Almost all of these are errors.  Unless the
> package is somehow involved in *local* X display, the right thing to refer
> to is "xlib6".  Just about any X program can be displayed remotely, and all
> you need for this are the X libraries.  By referring to "xbase" or "X11R6",
> you are indicating that local display capabilities are required.  If this is
> not the case, but there is something in "xbase" that you need to refer to,
> then perhaps some new virtual package needs to be introduced to handle the
> situation (in the mean time, "xbase" is preferable to either "xbaseR6" or
> "X11R6").

Perhaps we could add a warning message to deb-check if it finds a
dependency on one of these obsolete package names. BTW, can someone tell
me where I can find deb-check? How about including it in the debmake
package? (We could make this the policy: Before each upload, the
maintainer has to run deb-check over his package and check all
warning/error messages.)

Besides that: My /etc/dpkg/shlibs.default still references elf-x11r6lib:
libICE  6       elf-x11r6lib
libPEX5 6       elf-x11r6lib
libSM   6       elf-x11r6lib
libX11  6       elf-x11r6lib
libXIE  6       elf-x11r6lib
libXaw  6       elf-x11r6lib
libXext 6       elf-x11r6lib
libXi   6       elf-x11r6lib
libXmu  6       elf-x11r6lib
libXt   6       elf-x11r6lib
libXtst 6       elf-x11r6lib

Perhaps this should be changed now.



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