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Re: Query about menus

> I'm just updating my packages to add menu items into the window managers,
> and I saw in the README for menu-0.7:
> Some ID for this menu entry. Please make this
> ${package}/someid, as we may require that later.
> My question is: should this be the name of the binary package, or the
> source package, for multi-binary packages?

Good question, I'll add this to the README:

...Please make this ${package}/someid, where ${package} is the package
name of the binary package the menu file will be distributed in, as
we may require this later.

(in the case of single source packages that build many binary packages).
BTW, the name of the menu file should also be the name of the binary
package the menu-file is put in.

These chages are in menu-0.9. 

PS if your package inludes icons, and you want to have those in the
menuentries, please use me menu-0.8 or later.
joost witteveen
Use Debian/GNU Linux!

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