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Re: A Standard for Console Messages

"Christian" == Christian Schwarz <schwarz@monet.m.isar.de> writes:

Christian> in the script. If you have more than one daemon to
Christian> start, you should do the following:
Christian>      echo -n "Starting remote filesystem services: "
Christian>      echo -n "nfsd "; start-stop-daemon --start nfsd
Christian>      echo -n "mountd "; start-stop-daemon --start mountd
Christian>      echo -n "ugidd"; start-stop-daemon --start ugidd
Christian>      echo "."
Christian> This makes it possible for the user to see what takes so
Christian> long and when the final daemon has been started.

I like the standard so far.

This part does not quite work, though, if any of the daemons are
started conditionally, or if users are expected to comment out
unnecessary lines.  For example, there would be an extra space before
the period if "ugidd" were not started.

I suggest always putting the space at the beginning of the daemon name, like

     echo -n "Starting remote filesystem services:"
     echo -n " nfsd"; start-stop-daemon --start nfsd
     echo -n " mountd"; start-stop-daemon --start mountd
#    echo -n " ugidd"; start-stop-daemon --start ugidd
     echo "."

Though this means that if no daemon is started, the period would come
immediately after the colon.  I'm not crazy about this aesthetically,
but the only alternatives I see are putting two spaces before the
first daemon name, or one space before the period, or using variables
and lengthy tests to avoid printing anything if none of the daemons
are to be started.
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