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Re: uHm... what happened? :)

On Thu, 12 Dec 1996, Shaya Potter wrote:
> I might have experienced a bug like that, except my machine somehow 
> gracefully recovered.  About a month ago I was building my package on the 
> machine I log in at NRL.  Since I was only telneting in I nohup'd the 
> build in case I got disconnected.  I ended up loging off and when I tried 
> to log in the next day to get the package the machine kept on complaining 
> about not enough memory, so the login kept on dying.  I finally was able 
> to log in, but I wasn't able to su to root to reboot the machine b/c 
> again not enough memory.  I finally gave up.  The next day I logged in 
> and everything was normall.  
> I felt that was very weird, but left it at that b/c it seemed to recover 
> gracefully.  Could this be a symptom of the same problem.

Yes. Do you remember which kernel you wre running ?


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