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uHm... what happened? :)

Just a minute ago, I crashed because I ran out of memory.  I watched my
entire system STOP.. :)  Things were dying off left and right.  It was my
fault... I was trying to MIME attach a 31mb file to email, and I have
24megs ram, and 26mb swap, and have a fully "loaded" box, and I also was
in X, AND netscrape, and had about 70K of real memory available.  Lets not
try that again.. :)

I would say that this COULD be a bug.  or an exploit.  (I did it in PINE,
but I was also ROOT)  and since I'm the new pine person.. hehe.. guess
thats back on me.  but I wonder about if it were a normal user, trying to
load a large file...  I'll have to try that.  That could be bad for say,
an access provider or similiar, because it means a normal user could
overload the machine.  BUT, most ISP types have lots of memory on a box
that would handle lots of telnet/dialin users... so finding, or creating a
file would be difficult, but I've exploited (sh! Don't tell anyone! I was
experimenting) a freebsd box that had quota's for users, but they did not
apply to /tmp directory, and I was able to put tons of junk into it...
which in this kind of situation could allow someone to make a large
file... but that WAS A freebsd box... not a superior linux box. :)

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