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Re: should high score files for games be conffiles?

> > Should high score files in /var/lib/games for games be made into
> > conffiles? I'm asking because if they arn't conffiles and you upgrade the
> > game, the score file often gets reset to 0. I've had some complains about
> > this from my users.
> Um, wouldn't that mean users will have to choose between their
> own and the package's high score file for each upgrade? That's
> a lot of unnecessary questions, since they will always choose
> their own.

The prompt will only occur iff: the md5sum of the conffile in the new
pagage differs from _both_ that of the conffile in the old package and
that of the conffile currently on disk.

Thus, as long as the conffile inside the package doesn't change from
release to release, there will be no prompt.

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