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Re: no Man Pages

On Tue, 3 Dec 1996, Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:

> on my system there are several programms without man pages.
> here is a list of all files in {/,/usr,/usr/X11R6}{/bin,/sbin} without
> manpage. is there a easy way to report this as bug but writing dozends
> of bug reports (if it should be reported as bug) ?

According to our Policy Manual (see section 3.2.1) missing manpages are
considered as bugs. So I would suggest to report these as bugs, one bug
report per package (not per manpage :-)

> some programms have links (eg perl is a hard link to perl5.00307), but
> the man pages are only installed for one file (eg. perl). is this
> considered a bug ?

IMHO, only the version-less program need to have a manpage, that's `perl'
in your example. However, what about making a symlink?



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