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Re: RFC: Debian Manuals

Bernd Eckenfels:
> [someone:]
> > - Programmers manual, section 2: Currently, a Debian archive is an ar
> >   archive with special requirements on the members. Should it be mentioned
> >   here that that underlying format of a debian archive is ar?
> I think yes. And perhas add some note about 
> ar x *.deb data.tar.gz | tax xvzf -

The format is fully described in the deb(5) manpage in recent versions
of dpkg.  If you want to say anything, say that.  You might also
  dpkg --contents whatever.deb
to list the contents or for example
  dpkg --fsys-tarfile whatever.deb | tar xOf usr/doc/<package>/copyright | less
to view the copyright file.


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