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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases [auto-post]

I know, I just haven't gotten a chance to build a new version, and I 
haven't been able to download xfree 3.2 to install that, but hopefully 
soon.  I probably should of done it today, but I went to see Star Trek: 
First Contact instead.  I'll try to do it Saturday night.

Shaya Potter

On 21 Nov 1996, Mark Eichin wrote:

> > the packages file to see if there were any packages that depended on
> > 'xlib'. There weren't. While testing the new X packages at home,
> Not in the main release -- but I noticed xanim in non-free:
>  Package: xanim
>  Version:
>  Architecture: i386
>  Depends: libc5 (>= 5.4.7), xlib, mime-support

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