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Re: Upcoming Debian Releases [auto-post]

> > > > There are not critical bugs open against X.  Since it has been decided
> > > > that rex would ship with the older X, and this bug won't get patched
> > > > because it is already fixed in the newer version, I don't see the point
> > > > of making it critical.  It would accomplish nothing but push the 1.2
> > > > release a couple months.
> Argh.  Are release dates really more important than SECURITY HOLES?  :-(

For most people... Yes.  Most people don't have their machines in places
where these security holes make any difference.  This is not to say
that they should not be fixed, of course.

X is not ready to be released.  It probably will not be integrated completely
into the system for at least another month.  Those holes already exist in
what is out now.  So, we can have stable with these holes closed in 1 more
month or 3 more months.  Two months is not that much time.

In addition, anyone can upgrade their packages from the "unstable" tree
with very little fuss.  It isn't like we're forcing people to wait until
the next official release.

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