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Re: I18N for Debian 1.3? (Or 1.4?)

'Joey Hess wrote:'
>> It's fine to add functionality to keys that just beep at you.  But to
>> change the behavior I'm used to to comply with dos/windows is, ahem,
>> /not/ why I'm using Debian (to put it mildly).  Eventually, it might
>> be nice to have all applications use Lars' cfgtool to set BS and DEL.
>> But don't even think about making a fundamental change like this the
>> default!
>I don't want to start the DEL wars up. I was assumming that the majority
>of debian users wanted bs and del to do different things, similar to how
>they function in dos, extrapolating from the fact that every linux user
>I've ever met has their keyboard configured this way. Maybe I'm wrong?

Maybe the majority, but not ALL AND not Linus(!).  I think we have no
way to judge the percentage of Debian users who would be surprised by
this type of change.  But I want Debian to be acceptable to Linus who
is on record as supporting the current behavior since users can modify
things to their pleasure.  Right now Linus uses Red Hat and we
don't want to add any barriers to him switching to Debian :)

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