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Re: I18N for Debian 1.3? (Or 1.4?)

'Joey Hess wrote:'
>> I also reconfigured some programs (e.g. less, etc.) to understand arrow
>> keys, page up, page down, etc. If people also think it's a good idea to
>> have Debian do this out of the box, I could send in the relevant snippets
>> for that too.
>I think it'd be a great improvement to make all the fixes to programs
>mentioned in the Keyboard Setup Mini-Howto. This includes making backspace
>and delete function as they do in dos/windows, and getting pageup,
>pagedown, home, and end working where possible.

It's fine to add functionality to keys that just beep at you.  But to
change the behavior I'm used to to comply with dos/windows is, ahem,
/not/ why I'm using Debian (to put it mildly).  Eventually, it might
be nice to have all applications use Lars' cfgtool to set BS and DEL.
But don't even think about making a fundamental change like this the

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