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Re: Static/dynamic uids/gids allocation

ian@chiark.greenend.org.uk said:

> The uid and gid ranges are as follows:


> 100-1000: Dynamically allocated system users and groups.  Packages
> which need a user or group, but can have this user or group allocated
> dynamically and differently on each system, should use `adduser
> --system' to create the group and/or user.  adduser will check for the
> existence of the user or group, and if necessary choose an unused id
> based on the ranged specified in adduser.conf.
> 1000-29999: Dynamically allocated user accounts.  By default adduser
> will choose uids and gids for user accounts in this range, though
> adduser.conf may be used to modify this behaviour.

For my taste, it should be more clear here that those ranges are
recommendations (and the default values), and that those ranges are
actually a site decision. I feel that it should be made clear that some
installations, to be able to incorporate DEBIAN systems into existing
clusters, have to allocate ordinary user accounts from 100 upwards. In
this case, even the order of dynamically allocated system ids and
dynamically allocated user ids gets reversed. It might worthwhile to
point this out explicitly, just to make sure that nobody writes code
assuming a particular ordering here.

Also, would it be possible to allow a site to move the range of
dynamically allocated system and group ids above 30000?

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