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Re: System.map thoughts...

On 15 Nov 1996, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:

mdorman >andersee@et.byu.edu (Erik B. Andersen) writes:
mdorman >> # Setting up the System.map file so the kernel can find it.
mdorman >> #
mdorman >> if [ -e  /lib/modules/`uname -r/System.map  /System.map 
mdorman >> fi
mdorman >> 
mdorman >> This allows those who use several kernels to have the system always find the
mdorman >> correct System.map file.  I think this would be easy to implement, and will
mdorman >> work better than the current method.  Any thoughts?
mdorman >
mdorman >Maybe under /boot would be more appropriate?  Just don't put in in
mdorman >/lib/modules, since some of us don't use them.
i use /boot/kernel/`uname -r
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