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Re: X Configuration Interface for Debian

'John Goerzen wrote:'
>Here's what I need from the Debian community to make this work:
> * Somebody to do the package management stuff.  At least write C or Tcl
>   procedures to get list of packages, installed packages, etc. (like dconfig
>   does).  I can take care of the user interface.  I don't know a lot about
>   the internals of the package system.

This is already available (though I fear it is not too useable).
Check the dpkg source directory and look at the dselect routines for
package management.  You need to be good with C++ to make much sense
of this :(

John Kirk and I are working on dselect improvements.  I'm not sure how
far we will go (we have other exciting projects to begin too!).
However, I hope we can find time to document the important dselect
functions and create a libdpkg that a tk interface could link to.  One
that would provide dependency/conflict resolution routines as well as
the other basic tasks.  Ian Jackson did most of the work already, but
it doesn't seem very convenient to use to my inexperienced eyes.  And
for the most part it is undocumented.

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