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Re: Wanted: converter of HTML links

Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> [...]
>         - read file.html
>         - for each link <a href="foo.html">, if foo.html exists,
>           convert the link to foo.html.gz instead
>         - otherwise, do not modify the link
>         - output is either to file.html.fixed or file.html (replace
>           original with modified version)

you'll get a chicken-egg here.
If the output of the conversion depends on the state of the files
installed by other packages, you'll need to re-convert the files at some
later stage, and what when the file you depend on have to be converted,
or has been converted?

While the program requested seems trivial, maybe you should consider the
idea of patching the server to accept a request for foo.html
uncompressing foo.html.gz on the fly. (does a browser tell the server if
he is able to unzip a compressed file?)

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