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Packages with Critial Bugs

There are still 23 bugs remaining on the critical list.  These are bugs
that were marked as necessary to be fixed before Debian 1.2 could be

The packages these bugs refer to are:

  base bootdisk cron dpkg kernel mailx ncurses3.0 smail
  gcc imapd lrzsz ssh tcsh wu-ftpd

Those on the first line are required by the system.  Somehow I don't
think shipping 1.2 without "base" or "dpkg" would be a good idea.

Those on the second line, while nice and sometimes standard, are not
"required" and can be left out of the distribution if necessary.

So...  Unless those bugs are fixed or taken off the critical list within
the next two weeks, Debian 1.2 will either slip or be missing some standard

I've attached the full text of the critical list to the end of this msg.
                                 ( bcwhite@verisim.com )
    In theory, theory and practice are the same.  In practice, they're not.


#4897: loading NFS module (resub)
   Package: kernel; Reported by: "Richard D. Hamlin" <rdhamlin@vegan.org>. 
#4896: loading NFS module
   Package: kernel; Reported by: "Richard D. Hamlin" <rdhamlin@vegan.org>. 
#3999: nfs module fails to load
   Package: kernel; Reported by: agw@mail.nerc-bas.ac.uk; 82 days old. 

#4895: gcc installs before binutils and fails
   Package: gcc; Reported by: "Richard D. Hamlin" <rdhamlin@vegan.org>. 

#4849: /etc/passwd contains entries above 99
   Package: base; Reported by: Lukas Nellen <lukas@teorica0.ifisicacu.unam.mx>.

#4837: Bad installation of cron in Debian 1.1.4
   Package: cron; Reported by: Francesco Potorti` <F.Potorti@cnuce.cnr.it>. 

#4331: [linux-security] [linux-alert] SECURITY FIX/UPDATE: anonftp (fwd)
   Package: wu-ftpd; Reported by: Marek Michalkiewicz
   <marekm@i17linuxb.ists.pwr.wroc.pl>; 55 days old. 

#4131: majordom -- 30 or 31?
   Package: base; Reported by: Michael Shields <shields@crosslink.net>; 71 days

#4075: Possible security problem with lrzsz
   Package: lrzsz; Reported by: Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk>; 76 days

#4838: Bad installation of smail in Debian 1.1.4
   Package: smail; Reported by: Francesco Potorti` <F.Potorti@cnuce.cnr.it>. 

#4298: arrow keys in dselect don't work after search
   Package: ncurses3.0; Reported by: Joey Hess <joey@kite.preferred.com>;
   merged with #2962, #3974; 58 days old. 
#4820: dselect: cursor keys do not work after searching with /
   Package: dpkg; Reported by: Anton Rebhan <rebhana@tph16.tuwien.ac.at>. 

#4778: mailx use a bad file locking method
   Package: mailx; Reported by: Loic Prylli <lprylli@mygale.org>; 10 days old. 

#4656: checksecurity script has incorrect regular expression.
   Package: cron; Reported by: "David M. Cooke" <d.m.cooke@larc.nasa.gov>; 23
   days old. 

#4453: Debian 1.1.4 deos not bootstrap with SCSI NCR53c810
   Package: bootdisk; Reported by: Costantino Sertorio <sertorio@ira.uka.de>; 44
   days old. 
#4017: boot disk doesn't recognize NCR scsi 
   Package: bootdisk; Reported by: Richard Tietjen <rtietjen@kale.connix.com>; 
   80 days old. 
#3185: Lack of NCR53c810 support on boot disk
   Package: bootdisk; Reported by: Nils Rennebarth <nils@nus.pan-net.de>; 143
   days old. 

#3905: base disks still install part packages
   Package: base; Reported by: Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk>; 92 days

#2939: Bad dpkg/ldconfig Interaction
   Package: dpkg; Reported by: david@elo.ods.com (David Engel); 168 days old. 

#2895: base -- incorrect passwd entry for 'gnats'
    Package: base; Reported by: "Brian C. White" <bcwhite@verisim.com>; 172 days old. 

#4965: new tcsh executes .login before .cshrc
    Package: tcsh; Reported by: "Brian C. White" <bcwhite@verisim.com>. 

#5033: imapd doesn't support shadow passwords
    Package: imapd; Reported by: Marek Michalkiewicz <marekm@i17linuxb.ists.pwr.wroc.pl>. 
#5031: sshd doesn't support shadow passwords
    Package: ssh; Reported by: Marek Michalkiewicz <marekm@i17linuxb.ists.pwr.wroc.pl>.

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