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new libg++ -- please test!


I've just released a new libg++, as non-standard maintainer.

I know of two (local) programmes here that, if compiled with the
headers of the old version (libg++27_2.7.1-3), and run with the
libs of the new one (libg++27_2.7.2.1-1), dump core. Recompiling
against the new libs solves this.

Fortunately, I could not find any debian packages (*) that break
with the new libs, hopefully there isn't too much of a problem.

I would like to ask you guys to try it out, and see if it breaks
anything on your system.

BTW, the new libg++ will need to be in "bo", as, currently, one
cannot compile c++ stuff like:
  double d=1.2;
It generates seemingly random output.  (it's OK with libc-5.2.18, but
goes wrong with libc-5.4.7).

(*) OK, one package that I wrote myself, but I've listed that
one in the "conflicts" of the new libg++

Packages that depend on libg++, and that I haven't been able to test
are: guavac, maplay, offix, umsdos.

Packages that I (and in one case the maintainer) have tried and seemed
not to caus any problems: ical, xjig, xkobo.

Maybe also some non-free packages.

(Don't look at the .diff file of libg27_2.7.2.1-1 -- it's got lot's
of .orig files in it I forgot to delete. Will correct that).


joost witteveen
Use Debian/GNU Linux!

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