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Problems with dependencies


I've two problems with dependencies in the newest rex 1.2 (about 2 days

a. The package "adduser" depends on "perl-suid" which I don't won't to
install for security reasons. But "adduser" is tagged "essential", so I
can't remove it. (I haven't tried the --force option since I think a
newbie don't know how to do it.)

--> This means that everyone has to install "perl-suid" in his system.
Perhaps this should be changed (i.e. adduser shouldn't be tagged

b. I installed elvis_2.0-6 which recommends elvisctags_2.0-6 which
conflicts with emacs_19.34-2. Since dselect treats "recommends" as
"depends", it isn't possible to have elvis and emacs installed at the same
time (or you have to override the dependency conflict _every time_ you
select something in dselect).

--> Could elvis just "suggest" elvisctags? Or could ctags by emacs be put
in a seperate emacsctags package (which is _suggested_ by emacs)? I think
elvis is perfectly useful without ctags (which I never use), so suggest
may be more approriate anyways.

Any comments or hints?



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