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Bug#5382: Bug in metamail Version: 2.7-13

Package: metamail
Version: 2.7-13
Config-Version: 2.7-12

-- Please describe the problems with the package here

metamail asks strange questions on install. I just guessed a value. I would
suggest not asking those questions.

Setting up metamail (2.7-13) ...

New action 'view' for MIME type 'text/richtext'...
-->     package=metamail        view=richtext %s; copiousoutput

1)      package=metamail        view=shownonascii iso-8859-8 -e richtext -p
%s; test=test "cho %{charset} | tr "[A-Z]" "[a-z]"" = iso-8859-8 -a
"$DISPLAY" != ""; copiousoutput

Place at what priority (1-2, help)? [1] 

It does it for a couple of similar items. The the following messages appear:

/usr/sbin/install-mime: (warning) content-type 'x-sun-attachment' is not
/usr/sbin/install-mime: (warning) content-type 'default' is not
/usr/sbin/install-mime: (warning) content-type 'mail-file' is not
/usr/sbin/install-mime: (warning) content-type 'sun-deskset-message' is not

I have no idea what mime does. There is either a problem with the package or
those messages should not be displayed.

-- System Information
Debian Release: 1.1
Kernel Version: Linux waterf 2.0.24 #1 Wed Nov 6 21:49:50 PST 1996 i486

Versions of the packages this package depends on:
mime-support	Version: 2.06-1

-- bug report generated by the debmake bug tool

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