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Re: X Configuration Interface for Debian

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OK, but you *should* CC to me :-)  (I found out that one has to have human 
approval to join this list, and such approval is pending)

> John Goerzen:
> > I think that such a program is a way to "unify" all the
> > disjoint configuratio n files that float around all over the
> > place.
> The word "unify" makes me feel uneasy. It makes me think of the
> simple approach which uses a central database in a special format,
> from which all the actual configuration files read by the various
> programs are generated. This is simple, but it doesn't work, because
> it makes it much more difficult for people to administrate the
> system without using the fancy new system.

What I envision is a program that caters to the individual configuration file 
formats, rather than forcing individual programs to use a global configuration 
file format.  The X configurator would provide a common interface to the 
various configuration files and formats that can be found on a Debian system.  
And it would not force you to use it -- you could still go in and edit the 
files with your favority text editor just like usual.  Kinda like dselect 
provides a common interface for dpkg.  You can still use dpkg if you want, and 
sometimes you might need to, but you have available a program that brings it 
all together. I see your cfgtool program in somewhat of the same light.

> This isn't what you were proposing, but I thought I'd point it
> out to everyone else, anyway. The new system must be written on
> top of our existing system, not as a replacement of it.

Good point.

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