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Bug#5361: bash has option interactive-comments on

Esa Turtiainen <etu@turtiainen.dna.fi> writes:

> Package: bash
> Version: 1.14.6-5
> Bash detects comments in interactive use, which confuses
> <tab> expansion and handling of Emacs auto-save files.

Tab expansion on files with # characters works better with bash
1.14.7-1.  The files will get quoted.  Try that.

>   $ set -o
>   ...
>   interactive-comments    on
>   ...
>   $ touch #foo#
>   $ touch bar
>   $ ls #<tab>
>   ->
>     ls #foo#
>   #foo# bar ... (like just ls)
>   $ ls ./#*
>   #fóo#
> Any token starting with # causes that the rest of the line will be
> ignored. This is normal for non-interactive shell but in an interactive
> shell it should be disabled. At least, the behaviour of <tab> isn't
> logical.

Huh?  You're setting interactive-comments on, and then you're
complaining that it's on?  Type "set +o interactive-comments" if you
don't like it.

>        In  a  non-interactive  shell,  or an interactive shell in
>        which  the  -o  interactive-comments  option  to  the  set
>        builtin  is  enabled,  a word beginning with # causes that
>        word and all remaining  characters  on  that  line  to  be
>        ignored.   An  interactive  shell  without the -o interac­
>        tive-comments option enabled does not allow comments.
> [...]
> I suggest that bash should detect this option differently in
> interactive and non-interactive shell, like mentioned in the
> man-page.

It follows the man page exactly.  Turn it on, and it will be on.  Turn
it off, and it will be off.  I'm not sure what the bug is here.


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