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Proposal for Debian Startup Message Standard

Hi folks!

The subject has been discussed here on debian-devel several times but
hasn't been solved yet.

In short: When a Debian system boots up, the startup messages of the
scripts in /etc/init.d look different, e.g. one use "starting" where
others use "Starting."

IMHO, we should create a new section in our policy manual that faces this
fact. I'm not a good standard writer, but here is a draft. Perhaps we can
discuss this and someone could write a better one. It would be nice if
the package maintainers could make their packages apply to this standard
before 1.2 is released.

The scripts in /etc/init.d should write a message the standard output that
describes what is started or stopped. This message can have one of the
following forms (a single line, no leading spaces):

	Starting system-you-want-to-start: daemon-name-1 daemon-name-2

	Setting up whatever-you-want: value

Note that "Starting" is written with a capital "S". Also note that
"Starting printer daemon" is not allowed anymore. This should be "Starting
printer daemon: lpd", and "Starting apache ..." should be converted into
"Starting web server: apache".

So here is a simple example:

	Starting network daemons: nfsd mountd
	Setting up NIS domainname to: painters.net
	Starting print daemon: lpd
	Starting web server: apache

Any comments are welcome. It would be nice if we could implement something
like that before 1.2 (i.e. in the next two weeks).



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