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Re: X Configuration Interface for Debian

John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete.org> writes:

> Here's what I need from the Debian community to make this work:
>  * Somebody to do the package management stuff.  At least write C or Tcl
>    procedures to get list of packages, installed packages, etc. (like dconfig
>    does).  I can take care of the user interface.  I don't know a lot about
>    the internals of the package system.

Just use dpkg for that.  That's how dselect does it.  For example,
`dpkg -l' to get a list of packages.

>  * Write the interface in X, using Tcl/Tk+Tix, or maybe Perl+Tk or Python or Qt
>    (what would y'all reccommend?  Tcl/Tk+Tix is looking pretty good to me right

Don't use Qt because it's not free.  Any of the others are fine.

Regarding the config files, lots of packages already make a reasonable
attempt to parse and edit config files in their postinst's.  You
should also take a look at Lars' cfgtool program.  I've already
thought a bit about what needs to be added to that to make an X
frontend nice.  (variable types - boolean, string, integer, file, etc;
rules for variable names - <packagname>.<variable>; format for help
file) All these should be integrated.

>  * Provide mailing list(s) via Majordomo, if necessary

Bruce provided a way for any of us to easily create mailing lists
served by lists.debian.org.


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