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Re: New Package: defrag 0.6-1

On Sat, 9 Nov 1996, David Engel wrote:

david >Christoph Lameter writes:
david >> Package: defrag
david >> Architecture: i386
david >> Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}
david >> Description: defragmenter for ext2 minix xiafs file systems
david >>  As a file system is used, data tends to become more and more scattered
david >>  over the disk, degrading performance.  A disk defragmenter simply
david >>  reorganises the data on the disk, so that individual files occupy a
david >>  single sequential set of disk blocks, and all the free space on the
david >>  disk is collected together in a single region.  This generally means
david >>  that reading a whole file is more efficient.
david >
david >Defrag-0.6 is over two years old!  Are you sure it's still safe to use
david >on current ext2 file systems?

I think defrag is an essential tool although there are grounds for concern
since it does not compile under 2.0.24. Somebody recently uploaded a
compiled version to sunsite and seems to have had success using it. The
defrag package I submitted are the binaries of his compile.

Is there any section for packages that have one or the other strange

Here is his readme:

This a compiled version of defrag-0.6.............


These should be ELF binaries... It was compiled under Linux 1.2.13 with
GCC 2.7.0. and libc.so.5.0.9.  This is the only know version of Linux
that I know of that compiles cleanly.  It works on my Linux box with
versions 1.2.13 thru 2.0.24 as of 10/30/96.

To install defrag-0.6 on you linux system:

Installation is done by running "make install" ONLY...
Everything else will recompile the programs.

Don't bother to email me if there are problems with something you did.


Andre Hedrick
Dyer Observatory, Vanderbilt University

NEITHER Vanderbilt University or myself (Andre Hedrick) are responsible
for the missuse of this package.

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