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Bug#5305: "w username" works the wrong way

Package: procps
Version: 1.09-0

As was noted by jt@indirect.com on linux-admin@vger.rutgers.edu
"w username" shows everyone but username, which is the exact
opposite to the behaviour described in w(1).

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Package: inn
Version: 1.4unoff4-1

I am of the opinion that S21 is too early in the boot process for innd
to be starting.  It's before S45 of sendmail 8.7.6-1 (which may be too

Anyway, when I boot up with innd thinking an expirey is due, it mails
me (news admin) warning me so.

Then when '/etc/init.d/sendmail start' is run, it complains that
there's already a sendmail running. And I end up with a system that's
got no sendmail.  I don't know what exactly is going on.

inn uses /usr/bin/mail to send the message (provided by mailx.deb).

I've changed /etc/rc2.d/S21inn to S50inn with no ill effects so far.

Best wishes,


PS. I'll be finished my Thesis soon, I've got a job in my University
support team, and I'll be back up to speed on my Debian packages in
the New Year! :)

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