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Bug#5331: Boot floppy network confusion for PCMCIA Ethernet cards

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 1.1.2-1

While helping a new Debian user fix a problem with his PCMCIA network
card, I've discovered a potential source of confusion.  While setting
up his new system with the dinstall script, he had responded "Yes" to
the following questions:

   Is your system connected to a network?
   Are you connected to the network via Ethernet?

and the dinstall script wrote his network parameters to the
`/etc/init.d/network' file.  However, for a PCMCIA Ethernet card, the
network parameters instead should be placed in
`/etc/pcmcia/network.opts' so that the network routes can be specified
when an Ethernet card is inserted into the slot, not necessarily at
boot time.  As a result, although this user's Ethernet card was
working, he could not reach his network until he removed the network
setup from `/etc/init.d/network'.

Therefore, I propose that the first of the questions above be changed
to something like

   Is your system connected to a network?  (Answer `no' if using a
      PCMCIA Ethernet card.)

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