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Bug#2265: Bug 2265

You wrote:
> For some reason bash has decided to turn on its awful horizontal
> scrolling feature, and I can't get it to turn it off.

> I have in my .inputrc:
>  set horizontal-scroll-mode Off
> (and I have tried many variations).

> strace shows that it is reading the file.  Experiment shows that it
> ignores syntax errors in the file.

> The manual says that the default is off and appears to be lying.

> The system in question is using a librl.so.2.0.3 which doesn't appear
> to come from any package.

I don't really know how to resolve this.  I checked the source for the
readline library in bash 1.14.7.  It only toggles
horizontal-scroll-mode in one place, when it's reading the .inputrc,
so it can't have been turned on in some weird place.  There's no way
to bind a key to toggling a variable, so you weren't turning it on
with some obscure keypress.

I tried turning it on and off in my .inputrc, intermixing the command
with various other commands, and everything worked as expected.

Would it be ok if I ascribe the problem to a bug in an old version of
libreadline and close it?


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