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Re: debmake suid programs

In your email to me, Marek Michalkiewicz, you wrote:
> The "permissions specification file" I mentioned could also be used
> later to check permissions (and restore them if they ever get screwed
> up, without reinstalling the whole package).
> Funny, there is already a program to check/restore permissions
> (ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/system/Admin/fixperms.1.00.tar.gz)
> and the documentation even says that it is available in Debian, but
> it isn't - what is the story?  It is very old, from 1994 - was there
> some other distribution called Debian at that time? :-)

I just shot email off to the author (aehall@netcom.com) to see if he is
still maintaining the package. If not, I may take it up. I have a perl
script that simulates the $CO fixperms (somewhat), but it's slow and
clunky. This may be better.


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