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Re: Web Standards version 2.3

From: Christoph Lameter <clameter@waterf.org>
> WN cannot access /usr/doc files without indexes. This is not primitive
> but an advanced security feature promoted by the author.

I understand. I want to try to deal with WN a bit more on my own.
If we have to extend the standard in 1.3 to accomodate WN, we can,
but I am not absolutely sure that is necessary yet.

> WN cannot cope with cgi-bin executables not in a directory named cgi-bin.
> There is no script / wrapper available to redirect requests for WN.

I think I can definitely deal with this problem, given that $PATH_INFO
now works correctly. I've done it for other servers.

> Why not export this as http://localhost/doc ?
> cgi-bin is the only directory in /usr/lib/auto-www as far as I can see.
> Can we rename the directoryu to /usr/lib/cgi-bin ?

I decided that getting some form of standard in place immediately was more
important than fine-tuning the names - we could have gone around on names
for a long time.

> Also there were some interesting things mentioned in other proposals such
> as index.html file in /usr/doc/package and a way to automatically generate
> a www menu which I think is highly desirable.

Indeed it is. Let's nail that down before 1.3 . I would suggest that
people who put HTML in /usr/doc do provide an index.html file, since
Lars says that "dwww" will use it now.

> It seems that the proposal is only compliant with NCSA derivates. So
> shall I junk WN?

I don't think that is necessary. Please allow me to work on this a bit.



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