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Re: pine and MIME text (was Re: processing incoming)

borik@isracom.co.il (Boris D. Beletsky)  wrote on 06.11.96 in <Pine.LNX.3.95.961106005135.20301D-100000@sim.dot.org.il>:

> Yeah, well, i am still sure that mime shouldn't be used at least
> on announcements, it's NOT a standart.

AFAIK, it's currently a "draft standard" - the very last step before  
becoming an official standard. At least that's what the march edition of  
the "Internet Official Protocol Standards" says.

> (it's like me starting talking russian on mailing list)

Not at all. It's more like using stuff from Debian 1.2 on an 1.1 system.

MfG Kai

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