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Bug#5292: tkps doesn't work well with new colorized ps

Package: tkps
Version: 1.4-0

Procps version 1.10.1 contains a new, colorized version of ps. If
PS_COLORS is set to enable the colors, then tkps incorrectly displays the
escape codes used to generate the colors. 

To fix, tkps should either filter out the escape strings that ps uses to
colorize lines of it's output, or it should run "ps --nocolor" by default.
This can already be set via the options->Set ps command line args menu

#!/usr/bin/perl -i\$q='$q',\$p='$p';eval\$q.\$\^I\n"#  #  jeh22@cornell.edu
$q='print"$p$^I\n',$p='#!/usr/bin/perl -i';eval$q.$^I  #          Joey Hess
      "How appropriate, you fight like a cow." - - Guybrush Threepwood

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