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Bug#5281: xf86config generates faulty XF86Config

Package: xbase
Version: 3.1.2-9

While installing Debian on a Notebook with monochrome LCD,
/usr/X11R6/bin/xf86config generated an entry
	Modes       640x400
where the X server expected
	Modes       "640x400"

This was actually in the accelerated server section which I don't need
(using XF86_Mono); in the XF86Config generated at my system it was at
line 370.

I always chose the most conservative setting at the screen questions:
hsync:	1	(31.5 kHz)
vsync:	1	(50-70 Hz)
no look at the card database;
server:	1	(XF86_Mono)
memory:	1	(256 KB)
clockchip: none
X -probeonly: no


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