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Re: Bug#5273: sources contain generated files

On Tue, 5 Nov 1996, joost witteveen wrote:

> I must have missed the corresponding discussion about it though, I
> cannot find anywhere in the manuals that they have to be removed
> from the package.

It's in the programmer's manual, section 3.2.1:

This should undo any effects that the build and binary targets may have
had, except that it should leave alone any output files created in the
parent directory by a run of binary.

> Do the manuals say anything about how to avoid this? Is just a
> "rm -f Makefile" enough, or should I, as first command in the
> build stage say "mv Makefile Makefile.original", and, in the
> clean list say something like "mv Makefile.original Makefile"?
> Doing this prevents the Makefile from turning up in the diffs, too.

I maintain some packages in which I do just that. I don't know.. is
preserving a file in this way overkill?

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