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Re: Bug#4974: Bug in dpkg Version:

'Dale Scheetz wrote:'
>On Mon, 4 Nov 1996, Chris Fearnley wrote:
>> 'Dale Scheetz wrote:'
>> >I have had the same problem with the -I option and dpkg. I hope you are
>> >not defending this behavior. Programs that do not return proper error
>> >codes should be considered broken in this regard. It would be nice if dpkg
>> >would return proper error conditions.
>> I just tested dpkg- and the -s option is the only one it fails
>> to return a non-zero value on failure.  I tried -I, -c and -s.
>I just wrote this test program for the -I feature:

[Code deleted]

>and here is a sample of the results when this is run:
>root[08:21:23]~# ./try gnat
>dpkg-deb: failed to read archive `gnat': No such file or directory
>No error
>root[08:21:32]~# ./try /cdrom/rex/binary-i#386/devel/gnat*.deb
>No error
>It seems clear that dpkg returns a zero error code for both the failure
>and the success. This is not correct.

$ dpkg -I foo
dpkg-deb: failed to read archive `foo': No such file or directory
$ echo $?

I don't know why your perl script fails.  I'm using dpkg-

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